September 3, 2009

‘Unfriendly’ Personal Health Records (PHRs)?

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It seems that we may have some unintended consequences from the early versions of the PHRs.

A physician shared with me an increasingly frequent experience he is having with PHRs. This physician is a gastroenterologist. Apparently, patients are providing print outs of their PHR as a way of giving him their patient history info during registration.  It seems that these print outs can be rather massive. And, they inevitably include much information that has little relevance to the care that he provides his patients. Yet, there may be some historical information buried in there that may have bearing on anestheologies or other drugs that the patient has not tollerated well in the past.

The physician, who is usually time-constrained, is forced to apply significant time in revieiwing this material. Failure to do so, in any later dispute, will likely result in an assertion that s/he failed to apply due diligence. I am curious if other practitioners are similarly concerned, or other observers of the industry have heard similar comments.

Seems to me that the PHR systems could come up with data extract features that customers could use that would be less burdensome. Like, a feature that allows the user to define the time window of history that gets extracted.

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