May 18, 2010

So You Have a Great Practice Management System?

Filed under: EMRs,PMRs — HankMayers @ 3:10 pm

Many, many physician practices make use of a Practice Management System (PMS) directly on site, or via a outsourced billing service. One of the early practical questions for a practice that is considering the implementation of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is what to do about their existing PMS. Do you:

1. Buy the EMR offered by your PMS (generally acknowledged as not a good idea)?
2. Interface your new EMR to your PMS?
3. Convert your PMS data over to the PMS that comes with your new EMR?

While it is ‘conventional wisdom’ these days to follow option #3, there are indeed practices that follow option #2 and do not regret it.

I’d love to hear the experiences of readers that have chosen option #2. I promise to summarize the responses I get and provide feedback on this blog re what I learn.


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