May 28, 2011

Meaningful Use is Hip?

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May 21, 2011

EHR Incentive Money Begins to Flow & Adoption Patterns Begin to Emerge

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CMS has just released stats on how the EHR Incentive enrollment is going, as well as how the dollars are flowing:

Total Medicare Physicians Registering – 40,379
Total Medicaid Practitioners Registering – 2,014

Medicaid has paid out $5,525,000.00 to 260 practitioners for AIU-level activity
Medicare has not yet paid out any funds to physicians, as we are only now reaching the time window where 90 days of meaningful use could have been achieved in CY2011.

For the skeptics, please take notice that the federal funds are actually being disbursed!

The low rate of enrollment of Medicaid practitioners is probably a confirmation of the market claims that a Medicaid patient load of 30% generally means such a practice is running in the red. Most practitioners I have talked with foresee themselves as only eligible for the Medicare incentive.

A further interesting piece of data is that, of the 2,014 incentive registered Medicaid practitioners, only 260 are seeking AIU eligibility. The remaining 1,754 appear to be registering for full Meaningful Use. It would seem to follow that, at least up to April 2011, very few Medicaid practitioners are choosing to launch an EHR initiative as a result of the Medicaid EHR incentive dollars. Rather, the incentive is going to practitioners that already have an EHR. This piece of data warrants very close observation by Medicaid incentive program administrators who are committed to motivating their practitioners into EHR technology.

As the state RECs have generally shifted from marketing to service delivery, as of 1/1/11, it would seem that they could provide additional “pipeline” data on Medicare and Medicaid practitioners launching EHR initiatives. Hopefully, they’ll make such data available on the ONC website soon.

Nonetheless, it is good to see evidence of the EHR Incentive flowing.

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