October 25, 2011

Cudos to GE for their forthright handling on MU problems

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It seems that the EHR market has experienced its first acknowledged serious customer problem, and the vendor, GE, has shown integrity in dealing with it.

According to Joseph Conn, at Modern, a GE Centricity customer discovered that the MU reporting feature of their newly-implemented EHR was not working correctly and generating innaccurate attestation reports. GE, subsequently also discovered errors in data submission/recording for some patient demographics in the EHR.

After assessing the client’s concern, GE’s Vice-President, Michael Frigueletto, promptly advised its clients of the finding, and also advised the ONC and CCHIT. He has promised a fix by the end of November.

There will surely be other vendor missteps along the road to meaningful use. Let’s hope that everyone follows GE’s example of quickly and candidly responding to such events.

Comments anyone?

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